Insurance Directorate

Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply


The Insurance Directorate was established in 2014 under the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply, thereby replacing the Insurance Commission of Jordan, which was scrapped by virtue of the restructuring of Institutions and Government Departments law, No. 17 of 2014, Article D. The Article shifted the responsibilities of the Insurance Commission to the Ministry, which is legally and effectively in charge of its commitments. The Insurance Directorate is now responsible for supervising and controlling the insurance sector. The Secretary-General of the Ministry serves as the Director General (previously the Director General of Insurance Commission).

The Insurance Directorate operates in accordance with the Insurance Supervision Act No. 33 of 1999 and its amendments. The has continued to perform its functions in the same framework that was previously implemented by the Insurance Commission to achieve its goals of regulating and supervising the insurance sector to ensure the cultivation of an appropriate environment for the development and strengthening of the role of the insurance industry in protecting individuals and properties against risks, and safeguarding the national economy, in addition to accumulating, developing and investing the national savings to support the economic development in the Kingdom.

The Insurance Directorate carries out its duties through:

  • Protecting the rights of policyholders and beneficiaries of the insurance business, in addition to monitoring the solvency of insurers to ensure providing adequate insurance coverage to protect these rights.
  • Working on leveraging the performance and efficiency of insurance companies, besides obliging them to embrace the rules of practice and ethics of the profession while ensuring a healthy competitive environment.
  • Developing the insurance awareness besides preparing and issuing studies and research related to the insurance business.
  • Building bridges of cooperation and integration with the relevant entities and institutions.

As part of its tasks, the Insurance Directorate carries on with the functions of the former Insurance Commission by issuing a group of regulations, instructions and resolutions along with introducing amendments in line with the Insurance Regulation Law no.33/1999 and its amendments by the Interim Law No. 67 of 2002 ‘Amendments to Insurance Supervision Law’.

  • Road Accidents Victims Compensation Fund

In 2004, the Insurance Commission established a fund for compensating road accidents victims in case the owner/driver of the vehicle was unknown, or if the vehicle lacks valid insurance policy.

  • Insurance Dispute Resolution Committee 

This Commission was created to resolve insurance disputes that erupt between the beneficiaries of insurance policies and the insurance companies after exhausting amicable means to resolve the dispute.