Jordan Insurance Federation Launches the 2019 Training Plan with 20 Training Programs

December 15, 2017


In a first-of-its-kind initiative at the level of regional insurance federations, Jordan Insurance Federation (JIF) launched its 2018 Training Plan with a slew of 30 training programs to be held throughout the coming year. These training programs have been carefully designed to meet the training needs of local and regional insurance professionals in particular, as well as those working with insurance-related businesses in various economic sectors. 

The training programs, which are to be managed by a group of selected insurance experts with rich insurance experience, cover all the insurance and reinsurance branches in addition to the accounting applications in insurance companies, auditing and preparing financial reports, governance, compliance and risk management. The Federation’s training cadres have been successfully and professionally offering their professional services for many years. Moreover, there will be programs focusing on the development of human resources in communication and time management, and setting up succession plans among several other topics.

This step comes as part of the endeavors to have JIF serve as a regional training center, capitalizing on the credibility it enjoys across the Arab insurance markets and other entities related to the insurance business. JIF’s training programs have been distinguished by the novelty of information and topics they address, in addition to the available training facilities, including halls and equipment along with other services at the headquarters of the Federation being accessible around the clock. This high level of professionalism has been an attractive element for several local and Arab institutions.

In 2017, JIF held 23 training programs, which attracted around 800 participants from local and regional insurance and various economic sectors. During the same year, the Federation also successfully held the sixth round of the acclaimed international AqabaConf conference.